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"Thank you for the class and the time you spent during and afterwards. It was an awesome experience and I learned a ton. Your passion for the sport was evident and it made your teaching that much more relevant and lasting."


"Ruben is a knowledgeable and skillful teacher. He's able to offer instruction and feedback that is clear and helpful. His warmth and patience, along with his passion for diving and his clear communication of the material makes him an excellent teacher, whatever your level as a free diver."


"Thank you for your  guidance we're looking forward to another session within a few months"


"I really loved doing the wave 1 course with Ruben in Guatemala. I was nervous about the breath holding and I improve in just a day almost 4 times my time, and in depth I could feel my improvements immediately. He explain everything supper clear, with patience and according to your specific needs and conditions. Immediately you realize the huge knowledge and passion that he has for this sport. In the water (and out of it) he makes you feel supper confident, calm and enjoy it much more that you could expect. I highly highly recommend it!!"


"I had a fantastic experience with Ruben, diving Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Ruben is patient, knowledgeable, super personable and fun to share the experience with. In my first session with him I went from 5m to 15m. Ruben has also given me a lot of advice of dry practice and pool practice so that I can improve going forward. It really has been a life changing experience and I would recommend everyone to give it a go, push the limits and learn from Ruben.
Thank you for everything, it's been lots of fun!"


"I had an amazing morning dive session at the school which was run by Ruben. He was very patient and I learnt so much about free diving. We got down to 10m on the first morning and had over an hour of dive time. I would highly recommend doing it."


"I’ve done an intro to freediving with Ruben in Guatemala, and it was so good I came back a couple of days later to complete my Wave 1 because Ruben was such a fantastic teacher who made me feel calm and capable. The course didn’t feel “box-ticky” like other diving courses I’ve done, but left a lot of room for personal style and coaching and questions. Ruben clearly loves freediving and cares about getting the best from his students - if you’re hesitating, don’t, just go and try it. It’s an amazing experience!"


"I did a level 1 course with Ruben. He is both an expert in the field and a very good communicator. I really enjoyed and took a lot from this introduction to freediving. I’d highly recommend to anyone."


"I have just completed 4 days training with Ruben, in Lake Atilan, he is very professional . Ruben gave me some great tips moving forward regarding dry training . He is very knowledgeable and has helped me create a change in mindset regarding technique and relaxation vs depth. I genuinely enjoyed my time there , and I now have a stronger foundation to continue my personal journey 👍🏻"

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